• Company Profile

    Blitz By Design is a market leader in the design and manufacture of innovative permanent and semi- permanent in-store merchandising solutions, and a trusted provider of comprehensive procurement services.

    Our areas of expertise include:

    • • Point of Purchase displays
    • • Retail Fixtures & Fittings
    • • Turn Key Installation
    • • Printing & Signage
    • • Retail Space Design
    • • Procurement & Consultation services

    Whether you would prefer new and
    innovative ideas, or cost-reducing
    optimisation of existing designs, choose
    Blitz By Design for exceptional results.

    Our Team
    Our Team

    The Blitz By Design team is a passionate group of creative designers and engineers who are committed to providing “out of the box” cost effective designs, and quality manufactured merchandisers and fixtures. Above all, we offer unparalleled service and confidential support to our clients.

    Our Networks

    While our Head Office is located in Melbourne, Australia, the Blitz By Design network extends into China, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

    Our strong international partnerships allow us to provide retail merchandisers and sourced componentry of superior quality and pricing.

    Advantages afforded to our clients include:

    • • Having the option to manufacture
    • locally or overseas
    • • Environmentally friendly materials
    • used in all designs
    • • Excellent customer service and support
    • • Extensive customisation alternatives

    Our News

    Watch this space!

  • Our Services

    Established in 2001, Blitz By Design has
    flourished to become one of the most trusted
    providers of merchandising and procurement
    solutions in Australia.

    With extensive networks and few production constraints, Blitz By Design can help optimize your brand communications both locally and abroad.

    At Blitz By Design, the sky is the limit…

    • • We have the ability to meet almost any budget or
    • volume requirement, and the capacity to service major retailers
    • • We can even quote based on what you already
    • have in store, so all we need is an indication of
    • your required volume
    • • Our innovative designs will make your products
    • outshine competitors and attract even the most
    • discerning consumers
    • • Locally produced prototypes mean that you can
    • customize your product to perfection, while also
    • enjoying prompt speed of delivery

  • Showroom

  • Solutions

    Most industries today are comprised of fierce competition, saturated markets, and consumers who are rarely loyal to only one brand. Standing out from the crowd is not an easy task, especially when cost is a major factor.

    Using our extensive experience,
    capabilities, and networks,
    Blitz By Design offers Solutions that
    are tailor-made to suit each clients'
    particular needs and budget.

  • Our Location

    Head Office:
    2/5 Livestock Way
    Pakenham VIC 3810

    P: (613) 5940 5887 F: (613) 5940 8040

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  • Design & Development

    • - Experts in designing new & innovative retail merchandisers
    • - Confident in developing products of varying complexity
    • - We are experienced in working with environmentally
    • friendly materials
    • - We adhere to only the highest standards of technical
    • engineering
    • - We can also add value to your existing merchandisers
    • via strategic re-design

    Whilst we love to create breathtaking new designs, the
    Blitz By Design team has the unique ability to reduce
    the costs of existing products via reengineering. We do
    so without ever having to sacrifice quality.

  • Manufacturing

    • - Full in house Manufacturing facilities located in
    • Melbourne, Australia
    • - Solid Partnership arrangements with manufacturing
    • companies in China, Vietnam, and the Philippines
    • - Experts in the use of an extensive range of processes
    • - We are committed to meticulous quality control at every
    • stage, and have dedicated staff “on the ground” in each
    • location

    The combination of these capabilities, networks, and project management skills allows Blitz By Design to manufacture high-quality products at extremely competitive prices.

  • Installation

    Our expert team holds a wealth of experience in
    using the best methods to install our retail
    merchandising solutions, including all custom-
    made fixtures, fittings and complex Turn
    Key installations.

  • Procurement Solutions

    Blitz By Design offers a range of
    procurement and consulation solutions,
    all of which are tailored to suit each client’s
    specific situation and requirements.

    Our quality Procurement Solutions include:

    • - Fully Managed Product and
    • Component sourcing
    • - Contract Manufacturing both in
    • Australia and Overseas
    • - BBD staff “on the ground” in all
    • overseas locations
    • - Development of Procurement
    • Partnerships
  • Retail Space Design

    This service involves the strategic design of the
    clients’ retail space, including store layout and the
    set-up of functional and ambient fittings and

    The Blitz By Design team prides itself on designing and managing all aspects of retail space
    transformation to craft environments that
    enhance the products that they house, and
    communicate a positive brand image.

  • Why Invest in Retail Merchandising?

    Retail Merchandising is a proven method of
    improving sales performance, and if done
    correctly, can significantly boost your brand
    image, visibility, and overall success.

    At Blitz By Design, we offer solutions that are
    designed to build your brand equity and increase
    your profits by:

    • - Providing you with a point of difference
    • - Reflecting your brand personality and image
    • - Improve traffic & sales with eye-catching designs
    • - Boosting brand visibility
    • - Attracting influential consumer groups
    • - Lowering maintenance costs
    • - Keeping consumers in your store for longer
    • - Allowing for more effective ambient advertising
    • - Sparking interest and word of mouth

    The more attractive your products look,
    the more people will be prepared to pay for them.

  • Service & Support

    Not only do we offer customized products, we
    also offer service and support aimed at meeting
    your specific needs.

    Our staff are committed to consistently providing
    quality service to all of our clients, and you can be
    sure to receive friendly and helpful support
    during every step of your project.

  • Production Capabilities

    At Blitz By Design we have the experience,
    expertise, and resources needed to take your
    merchandising solutions from concept to reality.

    With a talented team, quality infrastructure,
    solid international networks, and excellent
    supply chain management, Blitz By Design can:

    • - Quote based on drawings OR existing products
    • - Deliver large volumes as needed
    • - Offer fast speed of delivery
    • - Customise products to meet your needs
    • - Reengineer designs to save you money